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Buying Replacement Windows in 4 Easy Steps

Windows InstallationThe average house contains about 10 – 15 windows. Unless you live in a brand new home, chances are your windows may be worn out and not as energy-efficient as they should be. Many homeowners avoid window replacements because it’s a pricey upfront investment. But what so many people don’t realize is that poor-quality windows can trigger high energy bills and can lower the value of your home.

Getting replacement windows doesn’t have to be a frustrating task. A reputable window company can show you a wide range of models and designs that will suit your home and your family’s needs — so that you can avoid all the guesswork.

Buy replacement windows in just 4 easy steps using our helpful tips as a guideline!

Step 1: Assess which windows are priority

Because the cost of window replacements can rack up quickly, replace them piecemeal to protect your wallet! Start out by assessing which windows are in need of immediate attention. Perhaps you have a window in the kitchen that suffers from severe air leakage. Or maybe you have a cracked pane in the master bedroom. These are the types of windows that should take priority on the replacement list. If there are no windows in your home that need serious improvement, then start out by replacing those in high-traffic areas first.

Step 2: Select the right style of window

From casement windows to single slider tilts, the options are endless when it comes to window designs. Certain models will give your home’s interior a more country-like feel — while others will bring about a more chic and modern atmosphere. Browse through your favourite home decor magazines to get a sense of what your tastes are. Window shopping can be a lot of fun once you determine the style you’re going for.

Avoid picking out windows at big-box hardware stores as their selection will be limited. But rather, check out companies that specialize in windows to ensure you’re getting access to the best models out there.

Step 3: The Advantages of a Window-Focused Company

Even if you fall in love with a certain set of windows, avoid committing to it immediately. Always shop around for a better deal. If you see a similar model offered elsewhere at a lower price, ask your preferred window dealer if they can match that rate.Companies that specialize in windows are usually always much cheaper than big box stores. Unless your budget is limitless, getting the best windows for the lowest price possible is in your best interest. Remind yourself of how many more windows need replacing in your home, and that should encourage you to spend the time looking for the best deals.

Step 4: Opt for professional installation

You should never try to install windows on your own, no matter how easy that DIY workbook makes it look. Because windows are made of glass, they should always be handled by a skilled professional. Most reputable window companies will offer free installation or will bundle the cost into the overall price. Expect installations to take several days, depending on the complexity of the layout. For example, bay windows will take longer than replacing a single casement window. Never be shy to ask your window professional what the process entails and how long the installation will take.

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How Porch Enclosures Increase Your Home Security

There are many good reasons for adding a porch enclosure to your home. Not only is a cost effective way to add beauty and resale value but it is also an aesthetic and practical home improvement. Porch enclosures can create a special ambiance for entertaining and allow you to enjoy the natural scenery and wildlife of your neighbourhood without leaving the comfort, convenience, and security of your own home. Great in the summer and winter, porch enclosures allow homeowners to create a bit more indoor space in their home.

Home Porch EnclosureThey also help fight air and noise pollution in your home and give you a dry spot to stand while fumbling for your keys at the end of a long, rainy day. By acting as a buffer zone between your home and weather outside, they can also help to reduce energy costs by improving the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning.

And on top of all that, a properly installed porch enclosure can drastically improve your home security in a number of ways:

1. Forming a Barrier: By locking the outer door you can keep strangers at a distance for easy identification (and avoiding) of salesmen or unwanted quests. This barrier is also a great addition in homes with bedrooms located at the front of the house with windows opening on to the porch. By enclosing the porch, you are offering greater privacy to these rooms.

2. Discourage break-ins: It is easier to install a proper security door in a porch enclosure than by replacing the door frame built into your home. Potential thieves will be on the lookout for places that they can access surreptitiously; if your home features a prominent front enclosure with a door clearly visible from the street, they will have to look elsewhere for an easy target.

3. Motion Sensor lights and cameras: A porch enclosure will give you plenty of options for placement of motion sensitive lights and cameras which will further warn criminals away from your home.

4. Pet access: If you have pets that need frequent access to the outdoors but you worry about them being outdoors all day or during inclement weather, you are probably going to consider a doggy door or cat flap but these options reduce the security of your home greatly and can allow pests to enter your home while you are away. Instead, consider using a porch enclosure and leaving a window open for them to come and go as they please. While they will not have access to the inside of your home, they are free to hide from the rain or lie in the sun as they please without leaving your home unsecured.

I hope you will consider this home improvement for your next project: not only will it add space and security to your home; it will cut energy bills and provide a cozy retreat in which you can enjoy nature without the inconvenience of wind, weather and noise!

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7 Great Uses for Window Film

Window film is becoming an ever more popular method of dressing up windows, doors, and other glass enclosures. As it is easy to apply, change, and remove window film is a great way to update your décor and get a bit of added privacy. But window film isn’t just for covering windows, it is also a great solution for adding a touch of class to a room with beautiful designs and gorgeous lighting effects. Here we’ve compiled 8 great ways to use window film to accent your home.

1. Stained Glass: Recreate your favourite stained glass scene at a fraction of the cost  with lightweight and easy to apply, pre made designs. A unique and interesting way of  changing the atmosphere of your dining room, window film will soften the light coming in  as well as adding a touch of class to any décor.

Home Window Film2. Frosted for Privacy: Why give neighbours a clear view into your home? If this sounds like a problem you have experienced, frosted window film is the perfect solution. Because it allows in plenty of natural light it will not cause that cave-like atmosphere that thick curtains can create in small washrooms but it will completely block the less than pleasant view. For extra whimsy, consider a cut-out design like these flowers:

Home Glass Door Film3. Personalize Display Cabinets: While cabinets with glass doors can be quite lovely, sometimes you just want to be able to use that space for storage without worrying about the aesthetic appeal of your clutter of odds and ends. To hide your knick-knacks without replacing your cabinets or doors, simply cover the glass with frosted window film. Voila! Instant class for a very affordable price. For added interest, use a printed film with extra accents like these charming butterflies:

4. Privacy in Your Car: An especially great idea for anyone who travels a lot in their car, particularly salesmen; window film is an easy and cheap way to help avoid burglars breaking in to your car. Be sure to follow local laws; in most places windshields and front windows are not allowed to be covered with anything that obscures vision. Applied to the rear windows of your car, a dark film will prevent nosy people from seeing the contents of your backseat as well as preventing the inside of your car from heating up as fast on sunny days.

5. Garage Windows: Many garages feature windows that offer a pretty good view of all the wonderful stuff stored inside. To hide all that clutter or just prevent nosy neighbors or potential thieves from coveting your possessions, cover garage windows with your favorite window film. For garage hangouts, try using multi-colored geometric patterns that will create interesting lighting effects!

6. Basement Windows: Basement windows are often a target for thieves as they are easily accessible. Make your home a less attractive target by blocking basement windows with film. If thieves cannot see what is inside they are less likely to risk breaking in.

7. Curtain Replacement: A more affordable window covering solution than quality curtains, film also allows more natural light while ensuring your privacy. Available in a variety of colours for any room in the house, there are also several cut-out designs that cover only parts of the window for a wide range of light control options.

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7 Great Tips for Reducing the Humidity in Your Home

Humidity in Home

The first step in dealing with excess humidity is identifying that you have a problem. If walking into your home feels like stepping into a swamp, it is obvious that something needs to be done but what about subtler symptoms? Some indicators that your home may have a humidity problem include:


  • Dark, damp spots on ceilings or walls
  • Mold growth
  • Peeling paint
  • Sweating (water droplets forming on basement floors or walls)
  • Condensation on water pipes and windows
  • Lingering odors
  • Decaying wood
  • Increased allergy-related problems

Once you have established that you do indeed have a humidity problem in your home, what can you do about it? Here are some easy tips to help clear the air and leave your home smelling fresh and cool instead of musty and sticky:

1. Use Exhaust Fans: Exhaust fans are common in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places that are likely locations for hot water usage. Make sure to use these fans whenever necessary as they will keep the moist air from escaping to other parts of the house as well as decreasing humidity levels at the source.

2. Take Shorter Showers: Most of the moisture in the air in your home will get there from one source: steam. The most likely culprit for this is long, hot showers in improperly vented bathrooms. By reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower, you will not only reduce the amount of water that escapes into the air, you will also use less water and spend less money on heating that water.

3. Hang Damp Clothes Outside: Except in the case of adverse weather conditions, there is no good reason to hang wet or damp clothing to dry inside if you already have a humidity problem. The water evaporating from your clothing or towels has nowhere to go but into the air of your home. Instead, hang these items outside whenever possible so the unwanted moisture stays outside where it belongs!

4. Only Run Washers When Full: Some clothes or dishwashers have settings for the size of the load but many do not. Prevent unnecessary water wastage and unnecessary humidity by only running these appliances when they are full.

5. Don’t Turn Your Home into a Jungle: Plants can be a great addition to a home: they purify the air and are great decoration but they also create extra humidity in your home. If plants are forming mold, you may have too many. Consider giving one or two away and see if that helps the atmosphere of your home.

6. Open Windows and Doors: Air circulation will do a lot in reducing the stuffy, sticky feeling of a humid home so open up those windows and doors when possible to let in fresh air. Keep inside doors open so air flows freely through the home.

7. Do a Moisture Audit: Once you have taken care of these easy ways of reducing humidity, perform one final check around your property to look for any less obvious problems that could be contributing to the moisture in the air:

  • Check under old carpets in places you suspect leakage
  • Note any windows with frequent condensation
  • Consider replacing old doors and windows with more energy efficient (and better sealed) new units

Congratulations! You are well on your way to a more comfortable and enjoyable home!

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What is a Bow Window and How is it Different From a Bay Window?

Bow Window

Both bay and bow windows provide you with a great view of your surroundings. They are both arched and give you a larger viewing area. Both windows come in a variety of styles, and can be a magnificent addition to your home; although, there are significant design differences between these two window types.

What is a Bay Window?

Bay windows are usually made up of three windows, each of a different size. The center window is the largest, and it is flanked on either side by two smaller windows. These smaller windows are known as casement windows. The center window cannot be opened for ventilation.

Because of their construction, bay windows have a few limitations and a few advantages over bow windows.

What is a Bow Window and How is it Different?

Bow windows are slightly different in their construction. Instead of varied sizes, each window is the same. This allows the window to have a gradual curve along it, giving it a different design and feel.

Bow windows commonly require more construction than bay windows, and there may be more material that obstructs the view. A bow window will require more frames, because of the higher number of windows that need to be installed.

You will find three different types of installations for bow windows: casements, single-hung and double-hung. There are many styles, sizes and colors to choose from.

You might want to consider installing triple-paned glass. Having a large number of windows in the home creates the potential for high-energy usage, but installing double paned glass in bow windows reduces the amount of heating and cooling throughout the year. Older homes that have trouble keeping the energy costs low especially can benefit from this.

By installing bow windows or bay windows, you can create an elegant look and feel to your home on both the inside and outside. The smoothly arched curve creates a soft appearance to your home. Realtors have even been known to admit that it can be a huge selling point on a home.  It adds curb appeal and creates a focal point. It is a renovation you will not be disappointed with – and neither will any of your neighbours.

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