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Adding Value to Your Home With New Windows

Window ReplacementIf you want to add value to your home while lowering your energy bills, consider replacing your old windows with new ones. This remodeling project doesn’t have to take long, but you reap great benefits. Consider these factors to help you decide whether you want to add value to your home with new windows.

Appearances Matter

Wooden window frames will eventually start to lose their beauty. Over time, they might even begin to rot. That will lower the value of your home dramatically. Few people want to purchase homes that show visible signs of age. Those who do usually want to spend as little money as possible on a house that they can improve.

By replacing the windows on your own, you make your home more attractive to potential buyers. The more people who want to purchase your house, the more value it has.

New Windows Are More Efficient

Old windows made of glass and wooden frames don’t regulate a home’s temperature very well. They make it easy for the cold and heat to enter your house. That drives up energy costs while pushing down the value of your home.

When you get new windows, choose those that have high efficiency ratings. You’ll get the best results from ENERGY STAR-rated windows. Look for designs that include:

  • at least two window panes
  • weather stripping
  • solar control coating
  • a gas fill between panes

These windows offer the most protection. The more protection you have from the outdoors, the more value your home has. Buyers are willing to spend a little more on a house when they know they will have cheap electricity and gas bills.

(You could even qualify for a tax credit when you install ENERGY STAR windows. Use that money to improve other aspects of your home to raise the value even more.)

New Windows Have Longer Lives

Old windows that have been kept in good shape might have a pleasing aesthetic for people who prefer vintage items. Just because those old windows appeal to a small group of people, however, doesn’t mean that they add real value to your home.

The average person wants to know how long a house’s current windows will last. If you have replaced the windows recently, then they know that they won’t have to do the same job anytime soon.

Today’s windows also have the advantage of using better materials. Vinyl window frames don’t age as quickly as wooden frames. That makes your home more appealing.

What other benefits do you think you could get from installing new windows in your home? Do you think it’s time for you to replace your old windows with something more efficient and attractive?

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How Porch Enclosures Can Add Value to Your Home

Porch EnclosureWhen the weather outside is frightful, there is nothing better than being able to get in your home as quickly as possible. Adding a designated entryway room to your house is one way to make this happen, not to mention it can give your equity a healthy boost as well. Porch enclosures come in many different types and styles, and they provide homeowners with a number of benefits. Being aware of what these are and understanding the importance of having an outdoor enclosure will more than likely make you want to buy one.

When you don’t have room for a large four seasons patio area (people living in the city can relate), a custom porch enclosure is an excellent alternative, one which will be sure to catch the attention of prospective buyers if you ever decide to sell. One problem a lot of people complain yet never do anything about is cold air coming inside in the winter. Aside from being a nuisance (no one likes a chilly draft at their front entrance), this is also a common issue concerning energy efficiency. An enclosure can be an effective barrier, preventing the elements, including precipitation, from reaching the front door. This is just one of the reasons why installing one of these structures is a good idea. Here are some other benefits of doing so.

Why You Should Purchase a Porch Enclosure

  • They provide an extra layer of security for your home; the majority of home intrusions happen at the front entrance. With an enclosure, you are making it more difficult for criminals to get inside. Keep in mind that this safety factor can be a huge selling point.
  • You will have extra storage space; in addition to being a great place for keeping shoes, coats and other clothing, no longer will you have to worry about dirt getting tracked inside your house. Simply insert a bench and your guests will be able to comfortably sit down take their shoes off.
  • Fully customizable; no one said you have to make the enclosure a formal entryway. You can always make it a mini four seasons-porch by arranging some patio furniture and end tables. Whether you want a place to entertain in the summer or simply want a space to relax and rest, an enclosure can be all this and more.
  • Increase the square footage of your home; extra rooms are always a major plus when it comes to equity, no matter what the size. Like any addition, you can make your enclosure as large as you want, depending on your availability and needs.
  • Low-maintenance; once installed, you will rarely need to do any work to the enclosure. They are typically made out of aluminum, which is very durable.
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A good front door is the best security system you can buy

Home SecurityWith thousands of residential burglaries and illegal break-ins occurring every year, having an adequate home security system in place is absolutely essential. These crimes happen even in the most well to-do communities, perhaps more in many areas, due to the potential criminals see for obtaining more expensive valuables. Most homeowners are quick to install an electronic security system, which is understandable and quite effective, especially given that most companies that offer these services also provide live monitoring of fire and carbon monoxide hazards. However, this is far from the most important investment you can make when it comes to protecting your home.

Contrary to popular belief and unlike the numerous depictions in popular media of unlawful entry happening through windows, the vast number of break-ins are through front doors. Think about the situation from the perspective of a potential intruder. It offers convenient access and a quick escape route. As well, since most criminals typically scout properties before making their move, they often have a clear idea of whether a home is vulnerable by assessing the security of the door from the street. Breaking in through a window is often too risky, particularly due to obstacles (shrubs, indoor furniture) that must be dealt with and which cause delays. As well, since a large number of break-ins happen at night, this is when people are sleeping in their bedrooms; entryways are made even more vulnerable, and for criminals, worthy access points. To achieve their mission successfully, burglars will look for the safest and quickest option. With that in mind, buying a high-quality door and reinforcing it is the best way to deter would-be intruders. Here are a few tips how you can make your property impenetrable without having to spend a fortune.

Securing Your Front Door the Right Way

  • Don’t skimp on the quality of your front door’s material; a cardinal rule for security purposes is to never install a hollow front door. These can be kicked in very easily, which in effect renders their locking mechanisms pointless. Investing in a solid wood or high security steel model will serve to instantly turn the tables so to speak. The chances that someone will be able to break in are slim, at least within a short amount of time.
  • Install electronic and vertical locking deadbolts; the former can be programmed to lock automatically after being closed, which is an excellent feature for families with children (who can forget to lock the door when they leave the house). A vertical locking mechanism is significantly more effective than horizontal models, since they slide inserts directly into the upper frame. When in place, doors equipped with these deadbolts are extremely hard to break through.
  • Add a storm door; although their primary purpose is to not keep intruders out, you are basically added an extra layer of protection that they need to get through. Since most storm doors have a single pane of glass, the noise alone from the damage can alert you and your neighbors.
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5 Unexpected Energy Tips for Your Home

Energy-Efficient WindowsAre you tired of looking at your monthly electric bill and wishing it could be lower? Have you tried effortlessly to conserve your usage, but can’t seem to get it under control? If so, you are not the only one. Millions of homeowners struggle with costly utility bills, many of which don’t even know where to start when it comes to cutting costs. While there are a few tried and true methods that we all know about, such as turning down the thermostat a few notches, installing energy-efficient doors and windows, and making the most of natural light, there are many tips a lot of us simply are unaware of.

The surprising thing is that some of these ideas on their own can really help cut back energy usage, but the real effects can be seen when you combine them. This is the one thing too many people fail to realize and appreciate, that the little things really do add up. If you are serious about conserving energy and putting a decent chunk of change back in your billfold each month, taking comprehensive action is a must. Here are a few tips to definitely consider; you will probably be surprised at just how effective they can be.

Top Unanticipated Ways to Conserve Energy

  • Get rid of that desktop (unless you absolutely need it); unless you have a home office or are a power-user, consider buying a laptop or tablet. They use far less energy and most models have long-term battery life, which means you will spend a lot less time charging them. If you want to get really creative (some may say stingy), you can always charge your laptop at the office or at a public location. Talk about free energy!
  • Rearrange the lamps in your house; did you know that by strategically placing floor and table lamps in the corners of rooms, you can maximize the amount of light being dispersed throughout the space? It’s true, and it all comes down to basic physics. Instead of staying localized, the light will be forced to reflect off the walls, in effect illuminating the room better, hence you can use lower watt bulbs.
  • Make sure those pots and pans are correctly positioned on your burners; in addition to ensuring your food is cooked evenly and thoroughly, this also prevents you from using any more heat than you have to. It may seem minor, but the costs add up over time, especially for those who cook often.
  • Clean your fridge’s compressor; if your refrigerator seems to be turning on more often than usual, take a moment to inspect the condition of the compressor. Add a routine dusting of this device to your weekly chores and you reduce its consumption up to 10%.
  • Insulate your water heater; giving this appliance a little warmth by adding a fiberglass blanket will allow it to keep your water hotter without using nearly as much energy.
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Thinking About a Porch Enclosure? Here are some benefits!

Porch EnclosureA porch enclosure is a beautiful element that can easily be added to most homes. These areas usually consist of glass panels that essentially act as a “room” right before you head through the front door and into the house.

Some of the most graceful homes consist of a porch enclosure and can bring increased real estate value to any property. If you’re thinking about a porch enclosure, here are some of the benefits!

Protection from outdoor elements

The front hall/foyer of any home is often a dusty and dirty space. That’s because water, leaves and other debris tend to fly into our homes whenever we open the front door. But with a porch enclosure, you can leave the elements outside where they belong. That’s because these enclosures act as a buffer between your home’s interior and the dirty bits that are lurking outside.

Additional space for boots, umbrellas, etc.

Don’t you hate when the kids rush into the house with their dirty boots? Isn’t it frustrating when your guests kick off their shoes in the front foyer, leaving tread marks on your clean floors? With a porch enclosure, dirty shoes and wet umbrellas can be left behind in this space before stepping into the actual home. An enclosure also acts as an extra storage area for all those items that won’t fit in the front hall closet.

Keep the heat in

On cold winter days, you’ll definitely have your heater on full blast. But your bills can get pretty high if some of that heat is seeping out your front door. Porch enclosures allow your home to retain its heat by creating an extra barrier between your front foyer and the outdoors.

Added security

Porch enclosures act as a barrier between you and potential thieves. By installing a high-quality locking device on your enclosure door, you’re making it that much harder for a burglar to gain access to your home. Porch enclosures also allow you to identify visitors from a safe distance. For example, let’s say your doorbell rings unexpectedly when you’re home alone. You can open your front door, identify the visitor through the clear glass paneling, and then decide if you want to unlock the enclosure so that he/she can enter your home. You can do all of this from a distance, without putting your safety at risk.

Aesthetic charm

Although porch enclosures have practical benefits, they can bring to your home some added elegance. Many people like to decorate this space with a nice console table or pretty potted flowers. If the enclosure is big enough, create a nice sitting area so that you can soak in the sunshine. Or add a small table so that you can enjoy a glass of wine and a good book in your protected porch on a rainy day!

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