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Replacement Window Installation In Southern Ontario


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    Window Choice Recent Installations

    At Window Choice we pride ourselves on quality products and efficient and effective installations. Our trained consultants will help you choose the perfect product for any home renovation project and our expert professional installers will expend the necessary time and effort to ensure your new windows or doors look and operate just like new for years to come.

    With a host of satisfied customers all over Ontario, we are confident that our decade of experience and our commitment to excellence can make a believer out of you too! Our extensive warranty covers just about anything that could go wrong, during installation or over the life of your windows or doors, so you can shop with complete confidence at any of our 20 locations across South-Western Ontario!

    If you would like to see examples of our fine work, enter the first three digits of your postal code for a list of recent installations in your area. This list will let you know what was installed as well as the address so you can walk by and sneak a peek (from the sidewalk, please!) at our customers’ lovely new windows and doors. What are you waiting for? Take a walk through your neighbourhood and see for yourself the quality of both the products and the workmanship involved in installation.

    For more information about our professional installations or to speak to a sales consultant about new windows or doors for you home, visit our Locations (link once page exists) page to find your local showroom.

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